94% of enterprises already leverage cloud services, but many are still searching for hybrid provisioning cloud solutions to power their business. As they modernize their infrastructure to balance…

  • Flexibility
  • Expenses
  • Performance

…they still need the agility to deploy services automatically when the need arises. The orchestration of the entire tech stack has recently become a popular option to solve the hybrid shift among many organizations. 

No longer confined to the on-premise solutions of old, enterprises now embrace hybrid cloud models as the blueprint for their future operations. As the traditional model of single-vendor domination loosens its grip, a new era of multi-vendor hybrid provisioning is on the horizon fueled by APIs, AI innovations, and the pursuit of automation. 🤖

In this blog, we’re going to tackle the changing landscape of hybrid provisioning and offer a solution you might have missed. Let’s get into it. ⬇️

The Changing Provisioning Landscape

With statistics showcasing the overwhelming adoption of cloud solutions, the traditional corporate approach has been reimagined. 

Hybrid models—blending the advantages of both on-prem and cloud infrastructures—have emerged as the canvas of choice for organizations searching for the perfect balance between cost efficiency and performance. Can you blame them? 🧐

No longer limited by a single vendor’s solution, businesses are embracing new technologies of the twenty-first century. They are turning away from traditional methods in favor of agility and customization, all while adding more money to their bottom lines. In this swiftly changing terrain, the appeal of a multi-vendor approach has never been stronger—and all for good reason. 💯

As the digital landscape continues to shift, it’s clear that embracing a multi-vendor hybrid strategy isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity for staying competitive and future-proofing your organization. 

The Need for Automated Provisioning

Amid the changing landscape, the need for agility and automated provisioning is gaining momentum as organizations recognize the holes in their current environments.  

The more manual processes IT teams are overwhelmed with, the more automation seems to be the ticket out. Who wouldn’t want complex deployments orchestrated to run automatically and error-free? With APIs bridging once-disparate systems and AI innovations driving predictive insights, tech leaders find themselves on the cusp of a new frontier. This outcome envisions multi-vendor hybrid provisioning as an attainable reality instead of a sci-fi fantasy. 

Here’s a quick overview of the benefits you stand to gain from automated provisioning:

  • Increased efficiency & time savings
  • Reduced environment complexity
  • Improved agility & flexibility
  • Accelerated innovation
  • Achieved cost savings
  • Enhanced scalability

This new approach not only accelerates the delivery of services but also enables IT teams to focus on more strategic tasks. As businesses continue to drive digital transformation, the need for automated provisioning becomes clear. 

All of this leads to one question: what’s the best path forward?

Pliant Provisioning Center

The Pliant Provisioning Center is a robust and automated solution for provisioning your infrastructure. 

This innovative tool gives you the ability to easily allocate compute resources across various cloud and on-prem environments. By easily deploying virtual machines, containers, or other computing assets, you can manage your entire infrastructure through an intuitive interface. By automating your infrastructure provisioning, you can:

  • Increase agility: Quickly respond to changing needs and deploy new apps or services faster
  • Accelerate time to market: Deliver your services predictably and on time, automatically
  • Save on costs: Reduce the expense of managing infrastructure and optimize cloud usage

The Center acts as a driving force, enabling you to fine-tune your compute resource provisioning in a hybrid setting. Through automated resource allocation, intelligent workload distribution, and comprehensive monitoring, you can boost the overall performance throughout your entire tech stack. 💪 By integrating your favorite solutions into existing workflows, the Pliant Provisioning Center stands as the key to unlocking the full potential of your organization’s infrastructure. 🗝️

How it works


Powered by Pliant’s API-driven low-code Orchestration Platform, the Provisioning Center features a modern user interface, cross-technology, and cross-domain capabilities that drive consistent, error-free infrastructure.🏆 For more on our solution, check out the complete datasheet. ⬇️


Pliant’s Provisioning Solution in Action

In the race toward a 5G-powered future, a Pliant customer has been paving the way to triple their LTE coverage as a global carrier. Yet, even the biggest network carriers have hurdles to leap. 🏃‍♂️

Imagine handling the internal IT and infrastructure for a massive network, serving millions—a tough job for any team. As they grew, so did the complexity of their IT environment. Their primary tool fell short of delivering the seamless agility they badly needed. Until they found the Pliant Provisioning Center.

Our automated solution turned complexity into simplicity, allowing the team to customize their logic to fit each unique situation. A virtual machine deployment, once a 10-minute ordeal, now took a mere 2 minutes garnering an 80% time reduction. Great math, huh? What once took 7-10 business days now happens in 20 minutes thanks to 95% of VM requests humming with Pliant automation. 

With a few milestones reached, their journey continues unfolding. To the customer, it’s more than just tech. It’s about a partnership that transforms challenges into triumphs. To learn more about this customer and how we empowered them with the right tool for infrastructure provisioning, check out the full case study. ⬇️



Final Thoughts

The Pliant Provisioning Center’s impact extends beyond automation; it serves as a catalyst for businesses to fine-tune their compute resource allocation within hybrid environments. With its intuitive interface and extensive monitoring capabilities, the Center integrates into existing workflows to optimize efficiency, control costs, and enhance overall performance

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