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In the highly competitive and mostly transactional telecommunications market, even small cost efficiencies can compound for big bottom-line gains. Quality of service and time-to-market with new and differentiated services is also critical, as is efficient onboarding of new customers.

Pliant offers telecom carriers an effective way to cut through operational complexity. Our API-driven Pliant Platform enables carriers to transition from outdated manual tasks to automated, cross-functional processes, creating a more nimble and responsive operation.


Offering prospective customers compelling new services is a great way to get them to switch their carrier. But building and operationalizing new services requires the coordination and integration of many internal apps, systems and processes. The Pliant Platform, with its unique ability to connect resources across departments, technologies and domains, gives carriers fast, easy and proven ways to get over the internal hurdles associated with new product and service development.

For telecom carriers, customer onboarding is usually a highly manual and time-consuming task. Onboarding a single customer requires teams to configure multiple disparate systems using manual, error-prone data entry. With the Pliant Platform, carriers can simplify the entire process by creating a single, automated process that leverages myriad systems the carrier’s team uses for access and productivity. Once the process is created, carriers and onboard one new customer – or thousands of them – with a single click of a button.

For telecom carriers, “me too” products and services don’t move the competitive needle much. That’s why being able to bring new offerings to market faster than their competitors can make a huge impact on business results. With its hundreds of built-out APIs for popular apps, services, and platforms, the Pliant Platform makes it fast and easy for carriers to bring together the combined, new offerings that will turn prospective customers’ heads.

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