Simplify Compute Provisioning with Pliant

The Challenge: IT teams need to quickly create “Application” ready virtual compute based on business requirements across On-Prem, Private Cloud and Public Multi-Cloud environments.

The Solution: Automate with low-code “drag and drop” blocks that translate business rules into ready to use virtual compute.

Automating Compute Creation in Hybrid Networks

True closed-loop automation requires far more than simply spinning up a new virtual machine automatically.

Organizations seek to quickly create all of the supporting infrastructure components in addition to their virtual compute to create “application” ready instances via an automated process that follows their IT Service Management guidelines.

To move at the speed of digital business, organizations require a holistic solution to VM creation–one that can totally eliminate human intervention when creating, configuring, and monitoring VMs with their IT Service Management platform.

Using blocks, Pliant creates and configures the virtual compute needed on any platform:

  • VLAN / VPC / vNet assignment
  • IP Address assignment
  • DNS updates
  • Firewall Rule updates

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Virtual Machine (VM) Automation any Cloud
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The Pliant Difference

With Pliant’s unified platform for IT Process Automation, organizations can create sophisticated logic with simple drag and drop low-code/no-code blocks to create, configure or even delete Virtual Machines while modifying the supporting infrastructure that makes the VM useful.

Pliant delivers turnkey, out of the box automation workflows that enable truly closed-loop automation, in all environments.

Our customers have experienced:

  • Reduction in human error
  • A 260% increase in efficiency with a 2.5-month payback
  • Time saved from days to minutes for provisioning of new applications in VMWare, OpenStack, or Public Clouds

Infrastructure Automation

Pliant uses drag and drop “action blocks” to update all the infrastructure components that are needed to support the application on the virtual machine

ITSM – Business Rules based compute requirements

Change control, inventory and governance can be updated upon completion

Full life cycle automation for VM creation

Network, firewall, IPAM, monitoring solution and CMDB / asset management updating now happens in minutes

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