Pliant API Gateway

Packaged, Productized API Automation

The Challenge: Providing widespread, consumable API-based services while maintaining security, visibility, and control.

The Solution: Pliant API Gateway. Provide secure, productized APIs with maximum control and visibility.

Limit users to only certain functions within a broader API.

  • Access to API functionality is no longer an “all or nothing” scenario. Carve out specific functions within a broader API and define access by user, team, or role.
  • Add a layer of control around production APIs such as hours of usage, use frequency, and more.
  • Prevent overuse and abuse with centralized authentication management, and by defining the applications, users, and networks that can call specific APIs.


Virtual Machine (VM) Automation any Cloud


Virtual Machine (VM) Automation any Cloud

Change APIs without impacting endpoints that use them.

  • Minimize downtime and accelerate innovation by decoupling APIs from their code and implementation requirements.
  • Change APIs without having to republish endpoints.


Virtual Machine (VM) Automation any Cloud

Provide APIs “as-a-service” within your organization.

  • Publish documented, supported APIs that can be consumed by other groups, applications, and users within your organization.
  • Maximize your APIs by replicating their impact across multiple lines of business.
  • Support continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD).
  • Leverage the Pliant API Gateway to provide legacy scripts as APIs.

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