Streamline ITSM Automation with Pliant

The Challenge: Manual remediation to ITSM tickets takes time and is error-prone.

The Solution: Cross domain hyper automation can automate 80% of the tasks required.

Close the Loop

Monitoring services provide essential information, yes, but do they take action to remediate the issues they find? Are they synced up in one centralized location? With Pliant, disparate services work in harmony for full end-to-end automation.

Pliant receives data or events from any monitoring system directly or over an enterprise message bus through hundreds of service integrations.

Pliant takes intelligent action to respond automatically to events and allow closed-loop automation.

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Virtual Machine (VM) Automation any Cloud
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The Pliant Difference

Business relies on IT infrastructure running smoothly. Pliant provides a robust, automated solution to validate, diagnose, and quickly resolve incidents. Pliant reads and updates ticket data from your ITSM system in real time to enable automated incident resolution — before it costs the organization time and money.

Our customers have experienced:

  • Deduplication of alerts
  • Increased resilience of their IT infrastructure
  • Deployment of runbook automation in real-time to remediate network and application issues without human intervention
  • Streamlined communication between mission-critical platforms

Core ITSM Categories:

Incident Management / Ticketing

Configuration Management

Change Management

Inventory Management


To learn more about building sophisticated workflows to automate complex business and IT processes in minutes, not weeks, download the Pliant Value Analysis.

Pliant ITSM Workflows can provide the following automation:

Pull Alerts from an NMS

Software such as SolarWinds

Open Tickets with Detailed Device Information

Open change management ticket with proposed changes if there is a delta between the “gold config” and running configuration

Take Action

Take remediated action by changing the configuration on the device and updating the configuration repository

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