Delivering on the Promise of Observability with Automation

The Challenge: How do you address the actionable insights modern performance monitoring platforms deliver?

The Solution: Automate using low-code ”drag and drop” blocks to reduce human toil, accelerate resolutions, and drive costs downward.

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Visibility + Intelligence + Action

Expectations for performance monitoring have grown, with visibility now a part of a process that includes device onboarding, alert remediation, and insights that can be actioned automatically. Complex infrastructure, increasing volume, greater responsibilities, and the need to do more with less mean automation is a must. But how do you couple performance monitoring with automation at scale to address this new reality?

The Pliant Difference

Pliant gives operations and engineering teams simplified and streamlined ways to automate, integrate, and connect their environments. Rather than task talented and costly developers to manage NPM manually, Pliant customers can build automated workflows quickly, efficiently, and repeatably.

Pliant has abstracted thousands of APIs from popular vendor products. The resulting low-code ‘action blocks’ make it easy, fast and flexible for users create common workflows for modern monitoring platforms like IBM SevOne NPM.


Our customers have experienced:

  • Faster time to value
  • Increased team productivity
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Automated device onboarding with the NPM Connect Solution

Automated alert remediation with the NPM Actions Solution

Democratized resolution management with API Gateway

To learn more about the power of API Gateway visit the API Gateway section of

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If your organization is looking for a new way forward for your IT environments, Pliant has the solutions – and expertise – for you.

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