Automating Virtual Machines in Hybrid Networks

True closed-loop automation requires far more than simply spinning up a new virtual machine automatically. Organizations seek to quickly create all of the supporting infrastructure components in addition to their virtual compute to create “application” ready instances via an automated process that follows their IT Service Management guidelines.


A Closed-Loop Solution for Creating Virtual Machines

With Pliant’s unified platform for IT Process Automation, organizations can create sophisticated logic with simple drag and drop low/no-code blocks to create, configure or even delete Virtual Machines while modifying the supporting infrastructure that makes the VM useful.

To move at the speed of digital business, organizations require a holistic solution to VM creation–one that can totally eliminate human intervention when creating, configuring, and monitoring VMs with their IT Service Management platform.

Pliant delivers turnkey, out of the box automation workflows that enable truly closed-loop automation, in all environments.

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Closing the VM Automation Loop

VM Spin Up

Pliant spins your VM in your environment: including public cloud, private cloud, or on-prem.

  • Infinitely customize the virtual machine
  • Launch from a template
  • Spin up directly from Pliant’s User Interface, your ITSM Platform, or Pliant’s RESTful endpoint

Infrastructure Setup

Pliant uses “blocks” to update all the infrastructure components that support the application that runs on the VM.

  • VLAN / VPC / vNet assignments
  • IP Address assignment / DNS updates
  • Firewall Rule updates

ITSM Entry

Pliant then updates all relevant properties in your ITSM platform.

  • Inventory
  • Control
  • Governance
  • Configuration Management

A Turnkey VM with Broad ITSM Support

Out of the box, Pliant delivers turnkey automation for VMWare, AWS, Azure, OpenStack, and Google Cloud. Organizations can spin up new, pre-configured VM’s with ease, automate infrastructure configuration, and sync config changes and inventory with their ITSM platform of choice.

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Case Study: Auto-Provisioning of Virtual Machine Infrastructure

A tier-one operator was faced with the challenge of provisioning virtual machines (VM) in multiple different private cloud technology stacks. The required IT and network engineering skill sets to accomplish the task made it such that it was taking over a week to get a VM spun up from start to finish. The operational decision on which platform to run the VM made the process even more complex. By deploying Pliant to provision the VM, the operator was able to reduce the end to end time from 8 days to 6 minutes and make it so the technology stack was transparent to the end-user looking to run the application. In addition to the time savings, the reduction in human error, and the streamlining processes allowed the business to move faster and become more agile with its customers.

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If your organization is looking for a new way forward for your IT environments, Pliant has the solutions – and expertise – for you.

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