Nearly 40% of IT professionals across silos report that writing the code to automate at the API-level is their biggest challenge.

Pliant’s solution for IT Process Automation simplifies, streamlines, and secures how teams build and deploy automation. Reduce human error, ensure compliance, and elevate your efficiency, with Pliant.


Ingest existing automation and write new automation with single-pane orchestration.


Write meaningful automation quickly; all APIs are created equal in Pliant.


Ensure compliance using consistent, practical built-in governance.

Get a jumpstart on building efficiencies into your organization.
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Our Solution

Pliant has abstracted thousands of vendor APIs to create intelligent action blocks allowing users to drag-and-drop blocks, rather than writing and rewriting lines of code. From a single platform, citizen developers are able to build consistent and meaningful automation across platforms, services, and applications in minutes — maximizing value across the entire technology stack in one place.

Our customers have experienced:

  • Accelerated mean time to resolution of business challenges
  • Reduction in time to market for new service launches
  • Centralized administrative control and transparency
Pliant Automation

“Pliant automation lets our representatives spend more time focused on obtaining and assisting customers rather than spending time on updating information in the multiple systems that are needed to run a business like WhyFly. Customer focus has always been a differentiator for WhyFly and Pliant automation allows us to maintain that focus as we rapidly grow our customer base.”

—Nick Sabean, CRO/CMO

“Pliant was able to save our development team a lot of time. By implementing Pliant’s low code automation our dev remained focused on improving our platform. Pliant has enabled us to speed up our delivery of new integrations by over 75%.”

—Dee Dellovo, VP of Product

Low barrier + No code = Faster time to Automation

0 Days
Our library includes thousands of API calls. Ability to add any publicly available API call within 15 days.
With Pliant automating your repetitive IT tasks, our customers have achieved a 0% process error rate.
Typically, 30% of an IT department’s time is spent on easily automated tasks such as remediation.

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