A story from Pliant’s founder & CEO, Vess Bakalov. 

When it comes to cloud orchestration, the possibilities and use cases are virtually endless.  The possibilities the new generation of AI platforms brings to the table seem to be virtually endless as well.  

So last Sunday—between the kid’s homework and the Miami Grand Prix on the TV—the idea of talking to ChatGPT somehow came up in conversation with my wife.  No sooner said than done, and armed with the power of Pliant I started connecting systems together. 

The idea was to give ChatGPT a phone number that anyone can call and ask questions. I am sure Siri and Google Assistant would do a fine job answering most questions. Also building an actual app would be much more 21st-century than actually having to call a phone number, but the thought was cool and that was reason enough. So, could I get it done before dinner?

I took a bit of Twilio for call management, sprinkled WhisperAI for speech-to-text conversion, and then experimented with half a dozen text-to-speech APIs until I settled on IBM Watson’s.  That last part took the longest time, as many of the offerings out there are quite unreliable.    

So maybe my wife called me a couple of times before I came to the dinner table. And maybe I wasn’t very thorough in checking over the kid’s homework. But by the time I sat down, I was showing everyone how you can now call a Cambridge, Massachusetts phone number and ask ChatGPT questions.  Still thinking about it – it is ridiculous that in only a few hours I was able to bring ChatGPT to life with the help of Pliant. Here’s how I did it. ⬇️

ChatGPT Speaks

There are four main systems at work in combination with Pliant’s powerful API gateway to make this happen:

For a simple visualization, here is what the flowchart looks like:

Now that you have a basic understanding of the flow, let’s get right to it. In this quick video, I demonstrate how it performs in action, and also reveal the entire process—from idea to execution—of how I made ChatGPT speak. ⬇️

Final Thoughts

My goal with this demo on ChatGPT is to open your mind and energize more creative thinking to truly capture the power you have with Pliant. If you can spark an initial idea, chances are—with Pliant—you can orchestrate something unique and special. 

Get started today for free, with the Pliant Community Edition. I can’t wait to see what sort of workflows you bring to life.