Hybrid Network Configuration Made Easy with Pliant

The Challenge: Quickly provision, configure and govern, on-prem and cloud-based network infrastructures via business rules while maintaining availability and security compliance.

The Solution: Automate using low-code ”drag and drop” blocks which provision network infrastructure with “approved” configurations stored in a repository.

Virtual Machine (VM) Automation any Cloud
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Network as a Service for On-prem and Cloud

Automate the provisioning and configuration management of on-prem and cloud-based network services. Create Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using low-code/no-code “action blocks”.

Troubleshooting a network outage can be frustrating when you have no idea what changed. Using Pliant, the operations center now gets a trouble ticket associated with an outage that includes all of the configurations on the affected device that are NOT part of the gold configuration that should have been deployed to the device. This gives a starting point for troubleshooting network performance or outage situations.

Pliant uses a workflow to pull the gold configuration from GitHub and compare it to the running configuration on the device. Pliant automation then creates a “diff” file and sends those results as supporting detail in the ticket.

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The Pliant Difference

With Pliant’s unified platform for IT Process Automation, organizations can create sophisticated logic with simple drag and drop low-code/no-code blocks to create, configure or even delete network infrastructure resources like virtual routers and load balancers while also configuring traditional on-prem equipment as well. Pliant makes it easy to create infrastructure CI/CD pipelines, regardless of the technology or the platform.

Not ready for a full-on CI/CD pipeline implementation but want your infrastructure configurations to be backed up and versioned and modified when trouble happens? Pliant can help.

Our customers have experienced:

  • Faster deployments
  • Reduced the risk of configuration errors
  • Full auditability of the changes

Deduplicate & prioritize alerts

Compare running configurations with gold standard and remediate

Keep “source of truth” CMBD updated and correct in real-time

To see a deeper glimpse into how it works, take a look at our Redefining Modern ITOps Efficiencies: Infographic.

How it Works

hybrid network configuration automation with pliant


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