For over a decade, a community of like-minded technologists has gathered together to showcase enterprise cloud enablement solutions. This year on May 17th and 18th, join the Pliant team at Union Station in Dallas, TX as the ONUG Spring 2023 conference kicks off. The key Enterprise Cloud topics will include:

  • Security – Operationalizing Cloud Security
  • Automation – Increasing efficacy and reducing toil
  • Control – Adding controls to enterprise cloud environments
  • Connectivity – Delivering Cloud Infrastructure to enable the digital enterprise

Pliant will also present a proof of concept on our observability solution during the conference. And since we are a New Idea Sponsor this year, we have an exclusive offer to send your way. But first, to help you better decide if attending this year is right for you, let’s jump right into all ONUG Spring 2023 has to offer. ⬇️

What to Expect at ONUG Spring 2023

ONUG Spring will be a forum for technology professionals to learn about the most effective ways to secure, automate, observe, and connect enterprise cloud infrastructures. 

This year, your conference pass will include LIVE access to:

  • Keynotes, Great Debates, Town Hall, Breakout Sessions
  • Live Enterprise Cloud Demonstrations
  • Close Door invitation-only sessions led by ONUG board members
  • Over 40 Proofs of Concept from leading vendors
  • And much, much more

All panel discussions will be led by cloud professionals, enterprise users, and the industry’s most well-known technologists. You will get unmatched educational and networking opportunities, plus the opportunity to learn from other IT professionals and companies on the exhibit show floor.

The conference will feature a comprehensive agenda detailing each session, breaks, and lunches. The Pliant Proof of Concept Presentation will be on May 17th at 2:45 PM CDT, so be sure and mark your calendars in advance. ✔️

Let’s take a closer look at what Pliant’s proof of concept session will entail.

Closing the Gap in Observability

Legacy performance monitoring tools were designed to keep an eye on critical on-premise assets. But the painful process of onboarding devices and data required labor-intensive effort.

This often resulted in partial visibility—at best. When issues occurred beyond the scope of the monitoring platform, engineers had to resort to old-fashioned hands-on approaches. 

But times have changed. With the rise of SaaS, cloud-based infrastructure, new protocols, and data types, the tools of yesteryear are no longer up to the task. Modern monitoring capabilities have emerged, offering broader real-time visibility coupled with deeper insights. However, challenges persist. And the stakes have never been higher. 

Some believed the on-premise network was a thing of the past—limited only to internal development or legacy apps. Some thought consolidating everything in one cloud with a bundled visibility tool would solve all the problems. Wrong. ❌

Multi-cloud is now seen as an important and necessary stepping stone. Cloud architectures are fluid, and applications are everywhere, with no standardization in integration or onboarding. 

As a result, resources are strained. Expecting folks to handle full-stack alert mitigation is simply not feasible (or scalable). The hope that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will come to the rescue is still aspirational. So, in order to bridge the gap now, businesses need to focus on refining their monitoring strategy in a few key areas:

1. Visibility Powered by Inventory

It’s simple—you can’t monitor what you can’t see. So how can you easily, consistently, and repeatedly onboard devices and data into your monitoring platform to ensure comprehensive visibility? Modern monitoring practices demand automated full-stack, full-view devices, and data onboarding for all the infrastructure and applications that power a business.

2. Intelligence Derived from Accurate Data

Today’s network is the backbone of your business. It’s also possibly more complex than ever before. Addressing the sheer volume of information that modern monitoring platforms need to consume to deliver strategic insights requires automated device and data onboarding. Accurate data is the foundation for actionable intelligence. 

3. Actions Driven by Automation

Modern monitoring platforms provide “actionable insights,” but the question remains: who will take action on the provided insights? Network teams, DevOps engineers, and Site Reliability Engineers are already stretched thin. With increasing complexity comes a higher volume of alerts. Hiring and even training at such a scale is not a viable option. 

The story of monitoring tools has come a long way from the past, but challenges persist in the ever-evolving landscape of IT infrastructure. By addressing the need for comprehensive visibility, accurate data, and automation-driven actions, businesses can overcome these challenges and unlock the true potential of modern monitoring for their success in today’s dynamic digital world. This is true observability. 💡

The Pliant Observability Promise

As expectations change, process evolution has become imperative. 

Performance monitoring (in particular) is now expected to encompass device onboarding, alert remediation, and actionable insights within a comprehensive process. With the increasing complexity of infrastructure, higher data volume, greater responsibilities, and the need for resource optimization, automation has become a necessity

However, integrating performance monitoring with automation at scale to meet this new reality is a challenge. This is where the Pliant solution comes in. 👋

Pliant provides operations and engineering teams with simplified and streamlined ways to automate, integrate, and connect their environments. Instead of relying on manual management of Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) by skilled and costly developers, Pliant empowers customers to quickly and efficiently build repeatable automated workflows. 

By abstracting thousands of APIs from popular vendor products, Pliant offers low-code “action blocks” that make it easy, fast, and flexible for users to create common workflows for modern monitoring platforms like IBM SevOne NPM.

During our Proof of Concept this year at ONUG Spring, we’ll be going into further detail regarding our unique observability solutions. Don’t miss out!

Final Thoughts

ONUG Spring 2023 promises to be an exciting event for technology professionals interested in enterprise cloud enablement solutions. Not only will you have a chance to see Pliant’s observability solution in action, but you’ll also be able to meet the Pliant team at our booth! Plus, while you’re getting your questions answered and chatting about the latest trends, you can enter a raffle to win a free Apple Watch from the Pliant team. 🎁

If all of this sounds good to you, hang tight! Since Pliant is a New Idea Sponsor for the conference, we are able to offer you a 20% discount on your conference pass! 🎉 Sign up through our link and save $199 for one of the most significant enterprise cloud conferences of the year.