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General Automation

What is Bare Metal Provisioning?


Virtualization and containerization are the go-to methods for enterprise hosting, but there are times when only bare metal servers will do. Does that mean you have to reconcile yourself to unresponsive, slow provisioning cycles, high costs, and risk of failure? A new generation of bare metal server provisioning tools proves that you don’t. You can [...]

What is Bare Metal Provisioning?2023-02-17T15:16:07-05:00

What is Network Automation?


By Chris Rohter, Pliant What is Network Automation? Businesses increasingly rely on high-performance internal networks. At the same time, they also rely on network management techniques that haven’t changed much even as the available technology has totally transformed. The result can be an IT department struggling to keep its head above water, a network that [...]

What is Network Automation?2023-01-20T17:22:12-05:00

Pliant on Pliant Series


By Shane Hadden Improving Customer Success Through Orchestration Here at Pliant, if there’s a challenge we come across, our go-to solution is our own platform. This week, the IT team was helping QA with testing the Pliant Air-Gap installation package. We use this installer for those customers who must deploy Pliant in a location without Internet [...]

Pliant on Pliant Series2022-08-11T16:20:27-04:00

Gartner’s 10 Common Automation Mistakes


And how the Pliant Platform can help you avoid themBy Chris Rohter, VP of Marketing, Pliant With its promise of delivering faster operations, higher quality, and lower costs, enterprises are flocking to automation. But they’re not just chasing traditional forms of automation, they’re green-lighting hyperautomation initiatives. That’s the hurry-up offense where enterprises rapidly identify, vet and [...]

Gartner’s 10 Common Automation Mistakes2022-05-25T15:58:19-04:00

Pliant Community Edition – Your Onramp for Automation Success


By Chris Rohter, VP of Marketing, Pliant With the recent launch of Pliant Community Edition, we’ve opened up access to an enterprise-grade automation technology for everyone. That’s because we’ve made Pliant Community Edition full-featured, non-expiring, and free. For readers who aren’t familiar with Pliant's solutions, they are designed to help people meet the challenges posed [...]

Pliant Community Edition – Your Onramp for Automation Success2022-05-08T11:02:29-04:00

A Short History of Unnecessary Downtime


Those old enough to remember the turn of the last century recall the global almost-disaster that nearly occurred at the strike of midnight on December 31, 1999. Known as Y2K, it stemmed from a widely-used programming shortcut that resulted in many programs only using two digits instead of four to indicate the year (e.g. 99 rather [...]

A Short History of Unnecessary Downtime2021-11-02T23:12:14-04:00

Pliant Collaborates with Automation Anywhere to Simplify, Streamline and Secure Orchestration


Pliant’s Orchestration Technology Accelerates the Journey to End-to-End Automation. [BOSTON, May 25, 2021] — Pliant, a workflow automation platform for API-driven enterprise and service provider infrastructures, today announced a collaboration with Automation Anywhere, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help businesses deploy end-to-end automation capabilities to meet the requirements of their digital transformation [...]

Pliant Collaborates with Automation Anywhere to Simplify, Streamline and Secure Orchestration2021-11-02T23:17:29-04:00