By Chris Rohter, VP of Marketing, Pliant

With the recent launch of Pliant Community Edition, we’ve opened up access to an enterprise-grade automation technology for everyone. That’s because we’ve made Pliant Community Edition full-featured, non-expiring, and free.

For readers who aren’t familiar with Pliant’s solutions, they are designed to help people meet the challenges posed by complex and rapidly changing IT infrastructures. Pliant’s products are easy to use, they significantly reduce human error and associated problems and costs, and help teams ensure compliance with internal and external policies and procedures.

The flagship solution, the Pliant orchestration platform, seamlessly connects the IT stack. Its highly scalable, simple, and flexible API automation framework enables sophisticated end-to-end cross-platform orchestration. It’s unlike those labor-intensive and error-prone scripting tools, and ‘big ticket’ legacy automation tools. The Pliant platform simplifies, streamlines, and secures the orchestration of an organization’s key platforms, services, and applications.

Community Edition includes the complete feature set of Pliant’s enterprise product. It’s offered in conjunction with access to the Pliant HUB, an online community in which users can share their expertise and collaborate on new ways to leverage automation in their operations.

For “Enterprise-Grade” Individuals

The availability of Pliant Community Edition means individuals inside larger organizations can become automation heroes. For no risk, cost, or commitment they can register for an account, get live training, and help their organization:

  • Provide an introduction to automation for newer team members
  • Solve automation challenges their current tools do not address
  • Compare their legacy automation solutions against the next-generation Pliant platform
  • Gain access to the PliantHUB, an online community in which users can share their automation expertise and collaborate on new ways to leverage automation in their operations.

For Smaller Companies

For years, tech leaders and their teams at smaller companies have watched from the sidelines as larger, deep-pocketed enterprises gained competitive advantages through automation. Simply put, bigger shops could afford the hefty price tags for enterprise automation systems. Smaller shops couldn’t, so they went without or tried iffy workarounds. With Community Edition, true enterprise-grade automation is finally within reach for smaller businesses. That’s because Pliant is providing this powerful automation functionality for free in perpetuity. There’s no time limit on the solution’s usage, and no functional limitation where the truly valuable parts of the platform are reserved only for customers of paid versions.

For Everyone

Giving away a full-featured version of one’s product is an unusual move in the technology world, and one that can seem counterintuitive in some ways. However, Pliant’s CEO, Vess Bakalov, expounded on the Company’s philosophy of broad accessibility for high-end automation technology in the Community Edition launch press release. Here’s his viewpoint.

“Enabling anyone at any skill level to harness the power of a flexible, intelligent automation solution was always a guiding principle. We carried that idea through the development of the enterprise-level platform, which is a highly visual, low code, easy-to-use, powerful solution. But fully realizing our objective meant making it available to everyone. With Community Edition, we’ve done that.”

Pliant’s goal is to put advanced yet easy-to-use automation capabilities directly into the hands of anyone who’s interested – regardless of the size of their wallet. Our team believes that whether it’s high-value repeatable tasks or mundane, one-time events, once a user sees how easy it is to solve one of their problems with Community Edition and our platform, they’ll start thinking about all the other things they could do with automation.

It’s about time that automation changed the world for smaller businesses and individual contributors, and Community Edition has started to do exactly that. All of us here at Pliant can’t wait!

Pliant Community Edition is available now. To get started with your free account and a live onboarding session visits us on the Amazon Marketplace, or directly on our website here.