Are you tired of dealing with complex IT workflows that seem impossible to manage? Or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by the lack of coordination among your systems and processes? 

If so—you’re not alone. Many organizations struggle with the challenges of manual tasks, disjointed systems, and a lack of visibility. All of these issues lead to:

  • Increased errors
  • Deployment delays 
  • Inefficiencies

The constant battle to stay on top of these growing issues can be exhausting. It’s time-consuming to navigate through tangled and unstructured workflows. Without a solution in place, you risk falling behind your competitors and hindering your scalability. 

An IT orchestration platform may be the solution you need to ease (or end) these struggles. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at 4 signs your organization may be in need of an orchestration solution. Let’s start with the most obvious sign. ⬇️

1 – You Already Manually Orchestrate

While manual orchestration may have worked in the past, the complexities and demands of modern IT environments require an automated approach. 

If you find yourself juggling multiple tools, spreadsheets, and manual interventions to ensure the smooth functioning of your IT operations, it’s time to consider a change. Manual orchestration is not only time-consuming and prone to errors, but it’s also a common culprit of swivel chairing. 

Plus, the time invested in manual processes often yields a painstakingly bad time-to-value ratio—a massive whammy. 😫 Whether you find yourself manually starting tasks one-by-one, or you’ve set up custom code to automate tasks, orchestration can clean up both scenarios. 

By introducing an IT orchestration platform, you can eliminate the need for manual interventions, streamline your workflows, and achieve higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

2 – You Struggle to Meet Compliance Regulations

With 60% of business owners admitting to struggling in this area, maintaining compliance with industry standards and regulations—though difficult—is crucial

When data is involved, data governance should be a top concern. It’s a real obstacle that can trip up any organization at any stage, though. Compliance requirements can be complex and time-consuming. They usually involve meticulous documentation, tracking, and reporting. Manually managing and ensuring compliance across your IT infrastructure can be downright annoying, but without it, you’re open to potential gaps and vulnerabilities. ⚠️

If you find yourself stumbling over compliance issues and facing constant woes in this area, it may be a clear indication that you need an IT orchestration platform. 

An IT orchestration solution can provide the necessary automation and control to streamline your compliance processes. From automated documentation and audit trails to policy enforcement and real-time monitoring, an orchestration platform ensures that your organization stays compliant and avoids costly penalties.

3 – You Have Multiple Cloud Containers

The rapid adoption of cloud technology has brought numerous benefits to organizations, like scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. 

But managing multiple cloud containers can quickly become a complex task, especially when each container operates with its own set of tools and processes. If you find yourself grappling with the challenges of managing multiple cloud containers, hang on—a solution is coming. (Bet you can’t guess it from the title). 😏

Manually coordinating and integrating disparate cloud environments can lead to:

  • Possible inefficiencies
  • An overall increase in complexity 
  • Lack of visibility across your infrastructure 

An IT orchestration platform can serve as a centralized control center, allowing you to manage and orchestrate your various cloud containers from a single interface. With the ability to automate the deployment, monitoring, and scaling of containers, an orchestration platform simplifies the management of your cloud infrastructure. 💪

It provides a cohesive environment that streamlines workflows, improves resource usage, and enhances overall operational efficiency. 

4 – You Lack the Ability to Scale

As your business grows and evolves, the ability to scale your IT infrastructure becomes a necessity to keep up. 

If it’s growing difficult to scale your operations effectively, it might be a clear sign that you need a new solution. Manually scaling processes can be time-consuming, error-prone, and inefficient, leading to limitations in meeting increasing demands. 

An IT orchestration platform empowers you to automate and streamline the scaling process, allowing you to dynamically adjust your resources based on workload requirements. Perhaps this is why many SMEs are making a move to orchestration solutions. With the ability to provision and deprovision resources on-demand, an orchestration platform ensures that your IT infrastructure can easily adapt to changing needs without disrupting your current operations. 👍

Whether you need to scale up during peak periods or scale down during quieter times, an IT orchestration platform provides the flexibility and agility to optimize resource allocation and maintain optimal performance. 

Final Thoughts

If you resonate with any of these 4 signs, it’s time to consider implementing an IT orchestration platform into your tech stack. By automating and streamlining your IT operations, an orchestration platform, like Pliant, empowers you to overcome these major headaches. 

With Pliant’s low code/no code orchestration solution, you can easily bust through the resistance. With our drag-and-drop action blocks, even citizen developers can: 

  • Automate, integrate, and connect their entire stack
  • Clean up “manual” workflows to streamline compliance
  • Build orchestrated workflows to scale with their organization

Try a demo to experience the powerful orchestration platform today, and get started right away. 😎