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Pliant’s IT process automation technology orchestrates every facet of your home worker rollout.

Remote Work Automation

The outbreak of COVID-19 is one of those rare black-swan events that has completely disrupted our economy, social lives, and the way we work. Intelligent automation helps individuals and companies with remote and lean workforces ensure those highly repeatable manual tasks do not interfere with mission-critical resources that are required to keep your companies IT infrastructure up, running, and fully secure/compliant. IT Process Automation can systemize and stabilize all of your operations in an otherwise chaotic world.

With physical offices empty and virtual offices full, day-to-day IT operations are vital to preventing further business disruption. Home-based workers and their companies face very different challenges. Connectivity to corporate resources, scheduling meetings and sharing information that would normally happen in the hallway or around the water cooler is now much more complicated.

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