User Onboarding

The Challenge: How do you quickly “onboard” a new employee and provide access to all applications/systems required for them to do their job?

The Solution: Instantly provision/de-provision user access to mission-critical systems using Pliant’s low code building blocks that integrate with 75+ systems.

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Faster, More Consistent & Error-Free User On/Off Boarding

According to Gartner, by 2024, organizations will lower operational costs by 30% by combining hyper automation technologies with redesigned operational processes.

Pliant’s pre-configured workflows for employee onboarding/offboarding optimizes human capital, creates a streamlined employee experience, and ensures proper security standards and protocols are adhered to upon provisioning.

Enterprises can automate user creation or removal across all 
platforms in the organization, regardless of the vendor/technology.

Ready to get started on your automation journey? Access our Readiness Checklist to Determine Your Organization’s Automation Needs.

The Pliant Difference

Pliant’s low-code platform allows “doers” to plan, develop, and deploy automation at the API level in minutes. Pliant provides infinite restful endpoints, graphical representations and uniform building blocks that result in consistent workflow automation.

Our customers have experienced:

Faster, more consistent, error-free onboarding/ offboarding

Real time reports on users/permissions per system or technology


How to Optimize IT Human Capital

On average, 30% of an IT department’s time is spent on easily automated, repetitive tasks.

Companies with highly engaged employees, who have time to focus on more valuable, less repetitive work, outperform by 202% those with low employee engagement.

See how infrastructure automation tools optimize human capital in a time enterprises need engaged workforces more than ever.

Download our step-by-step guide, How to Optimize IT Human Capital in 2021.


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