Orchestrate a path to zero-touch.

The Challenge: Once upon a time provisioning technology “by hand” was straightforward, accessible, and manageable. Hybrid environments, heterogeneous systems, cost, and complexity have changed everything.

The Solution: With the Pliant Zero Touch Solution, enterprises gain new automated, integrated, and connected provisioning that is centrally managed, highly efficient, cost-effective, and error-free.

Case Study: Conducting a Multi-Vendor Symphony with Orchestration

This Pliant customer needed a solution to address limitations in the tool they were using for VM management which lacked support for multi-vendor, multi-domain orchestration. As a result, the team was doing things the old-fashioned way: writing code to cobble together a unified solution.

They needed a new way forward, and Pliant delivered.

Pliant’s broad cross-vendor integrations empowered end users to create turnkey virtual machines with no direct interaction with supporting systems or teams, automating 95% of all VM generation – regardless of vendor, requirement, or location.

“Adding to our challenge, the VMware API is powerful, but it’s complicated and forces us to script workflows manually. We need to simplify and streamline these large and complex VMware workflows and we need to do it all in one place — quickly and easily.”

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If your organization is looking for a new way forward for your IT environments, Pliant has the solutions – and expertise – for you.

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