Embedded Integration Platform as a Service

Our proven, fully managed platform empowers you to accelerate time to value.

We do integrations. You do you.

The Challenge: Nowadays, savvy users expect your solutions to connect and integrate with a growing list of third-party tools and apps. This drives usage, stickiness, and value, but it takes work – a lot of it.

The Solution: Pliant Embedded iPaaS take on the work of researching third-party APIs, integrating with them, and building the connections that power your products and portals so you don’t have to.

Why DIY?

Developers like to develop. We get it. But the business of researching, testing, publishing, supporting, and maintaining integrations takes time. Why spend weeks or months focused on other people’s tech when you can spend it on our own?

Pliant Embedded iPaaS features a library of thousands of API-driven integrations from leading vendors, representing over a million actions you can embed. What’s more, what we don’t have today is covered by our 15-day integration SLA.

If you need it, we can build it.

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eBook: API-Driven Integrations

APIs power the world, and yet no two are alike. They hold tremendous promise, and yet knowing how to wrangle them takes knowledge, effort, and time.

This eBook delves into the promise and challenges associated with API-driven technology and discusses new ways you can overcome them.

Download the eBook by clicking here.

Case Study: Improving Customer Satisfaction One Integration at a Time

Hello Team delivers an employee retention platform that combines performance management, employee engagement, and workplace connectivity. Their vision included delivering integrations with third-party technologies to accelerate value and deliver user experiences their customers required.

Rather than adding to the backlog, they looked to Pliant for help.

Pliant and the Hello Team product group worked together to scope out the integrations the company needed and quickly got to work. iPaaS quickly provided the code and fully supported API-driven integrations for their solution, from HR apps, to payroll, to single sign-on insingle sign-on, payroll integrations, and


“Instead of toiling away building one integration after another, our dev team can focus on building great features and performance into our platform. And that’s already making a real difference.”

Dee Dellovo, Hello Team


Pliant Embedded iPaaS allows you and your team to focus on what matters most – delivering solutions that customers love.


    Pliant Embedded iPaaS manages the integration process for you and your team, freeing up resources to focus on developing and delivering valuable solutions to market.


    Managed integration means you can deliver value to your customers in as little as a week, no more waiting for development to prioritize the backlog


    Pliant’s integrations follow strict standards and deliver consistent, predictable outcomes powered by the Pliant Orchestration Platform


    Your team enjoys ease of use, speed, and broad API-driven coverage. Your customers enjoy the accelerated roadmap and functionality you deliver


    Gain flexibility and speed when you power your integrations with Pliant iPaaS: enjoy faster time to market, near-unlimited API-driven coverage, and no upkeep

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Embedded iPaaS - Interactive Tour

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