DEJ report highlights Pliant as an emerging leader in the IT performance management market

BOSTON, MA, September 29, 2022 (BUSINESSWIRE) – Pliant, a leading provider of API-driven orchestration and automation solutions today announced that it has been named a Top 20 Emerging Vendor for Managing IT Performance in 2022 by technology research firm Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ). The classification is based on the findings of a major DEJ study entitled “24 Key Areas Shaping IT Performance Markets in 2022,” which gathered input and insights from over 3,300 organizations. DEJ researchers selected the winning vendors based on how effectively they address the top IT performance management challenges cited by study participants.

Pliant provides businesses with an orchestration platform that automates, integrates, and connects the digital enterprise. It earned its Top 20 spot through its strong showing in eight key areas examined in the report. Those areas are:

  • Enabling a cloud-native journey
  • Focusing on high-value work
  • Optimization and visibility into inefficiencies
  • Automation as a key enabler
  • Managing complexity
  • Managing innovation
  • The war for talent
  • Modernizing IT operations

“Pliant’s strengths in automating, integrating, and connecting businesses directly address many of the key IT challenges and requirements that businesses face today,” said Bojan Simic, founder and chief analyst at DEJ and the report’s author. “Pliant’s ease of use, together with its broad API-driven integrations, make their solution uniquely compelling for organizations looking to modernize and orchestrate processes regardless of department, technology, or domain.”

“Pliant is honored by the recognition from DEJ in this thorough and well-researched study,” said Vess Bakalov, Pliant Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “The DEJ report shines a bright light on the value we deliver to our customers, addressing some of today’s greatest challenges and the solutions available to address them.”

Pliant solves complex challenges with a simple approach: leveraging APIs to power automation and integration using code-optional building blocks. Pliant’s centralized platform delivers multi-faceted orchestration and automation capabilities. With advanced yet easy-to-use functions, the Plaint Platform helps enterprises to ensure their end-to-end systems interact efficiently – providing exponential efficiency to businesses. The world’s leading service providers and enterprises have replaced point solutions and lines of code with over one million Pliant drag-and-drop workflows powered by 500K+ API endpoints.

Pliant solutions enable businesses to:

  • Save costs and secure investments
  • Increase efficiency, agility, and productivity
  • Improve user and employee experience
  • Accelerate time to value
  • Reduce sprawl and eliminate silos
  • Standardize work and reduce errors

The DEJ report finds that while businesses focus on increasing efficiencies, they are not driven specifically by traditional drivers like cost cutting or “doing more with less.” Instead, the study finds, businesses are looking to free up resources to drive business growth by creating unique user experiences. To address the ever-increase pace of change and the challenges this brings, they seek to increase their competencies in operational resilience, intelligent automation and orchestration, ML and AI-enabled optimization, and continuous learning.

To access the full DEJ report from Pliant, click here.

About Pliant

Headquartered in Boston, Pliant provides an advanced API-driven orchestration platform that automates, integrates, and connects the digital enterprise. Pliant’s solutions simplify and streamline how operations and engineering teams build, deploy, and orchestrate their environments. Using a low-code approach and transforming API code into deployment-ready action blocks, Pliant facilitates, integrates, and secures communication up and down the technology stack between platforms, services, and applications. For more information on the company and its solutions, go to