New offering delivers pre-built workflows that accelerate value from performance monitoring insights.

BOSTON, MA – February 28, 2023 — Pliant, a leader in advanced orchestration, automation, and integration solutions, today announced the launch of the first-ever Observability Automation solution developed specifically for leading performance monitoring vendors and their customers.

The Pliant Observability Solution elevates performance monitoring for operations teams at large enterprises, carriers, and managed service provider organizations. This new offering revolutionizes how teams automate, integrate, and connect their environments. Rather than task talented and costly developers to manage performance monitoring manually, Pliant customers can build workflows quickly, efficiently, and repeatably. Featuring dozens of pre-built workflows that address common actions, the Pliant Observability solution accelerates device and data onboarding, integrates actions and outcomes, and connects the IT stack to drive rapid and repeatable observability.

“When we developed Pliant, we knew one of the most impactful use cases was going to be automating, enriching, and enhancing performance monitoring,” said Pliant co-founder and CEO Vess Bakalov. “My time as founder and CTO at SevOne demonstrated the importance of visibility and intelligence, but making them automatically actionable was a perennial challenge for customers, and that remains true today. This solution combines two powerful capabilities – modern monitoring and API-driven workflow automation – to elevate both to new heights for our customers.”

Performance monitoring platforms deliver novel insights to the people managing their platforms, but two primary challenges can limit time-to-value for these teams.

The first issue is adding devices, applications, and data to the platforms, a challenge exacerbated by the increased adoption of SaaS, Cloud, and modern applications. With Pliant Connect, performance monitoring customers can leverage the platform to rapidly and automatically onboard the data that powers visibility and insight, accelerating time-to-value at a fraction of the cost currently spent on services, development, and engineering resources.

The second challenge is managing the sometimes-burdensome volume of alerts these systems generate. With Pliant Actions, performance monitoring customers can automate the repetitive, traditionally manual alert-driven actions they receive, increasing productivity and root cause resolution. Pliant’s solution, purpose-built for leading NPM vendors, seamlessly delivers on the promise of observability unlike anything available today.

The Pliant Observability Solution addresses market challenges with:

  • Automated device and data onboarding to increase time to value
  • Automated remediation to reduce manual actions and increase productivity
  • Connections for the tech stack that drive rapid and repeatable observability and root cause identification

“The complexity incurred with Infrastructure modernization has increased the demands placed on operations and engineering teams, who are being forced to do more with less,” added Chris Rohter, Vice President of Marketing at Pliant. “The dynamic nature of today’s infrastructure means more resources isn’t the answer – more automation and intelligence is. Carriers, large enterprises, and managed service providers alike need observability to function automatically, and Pliant’s solution, together with modern monitoring platforms, ensures these expectations are met.”


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