Designed with SaaS in mind, Pliant iPaaS accelerates businesses’ GTM delivery.

BOSTON, Jan. 31, 2022 – Pliant, a leading provider of advanced orchestration and automation solutions, today announced the latest addition to its world-class, API-focused product line. Pliant iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) provides SaaS developers, businesses, and managed service providers with instant access to pre-built integrations for hundreds of popular vendor solutions.

Pliant iPaaS connects users to the company’s integration hub where they gain immediate access to a long and expanding roster of pre-built integrations. These ready-to-deploy integrations are not only for IT functions but span the full technology stack. For example, it includes function-specific integrations for several widely deployed CRM and marketing automation systems.

For companies with many integrations already deployed, iPaaS can take on the time-consuming and increasingly complicated task of maintaining those APIs. For smaller and emerging SaaS companies, Pliant iPaaS provides an effective way to immediately and significantly expand the technologies with which their platform integrates.

“To deliver on customers’ expectations, we knew we needed to integrate with many sales and marketing software platforms,” said Milenko Beslic, CTO of RevenueBase, “Pliant’s iPaaS service helps us streamline our external platform integrations by providing out-of-the-box solutions that can be deployed in a matter of days compared to several months that would be required to develop the integrations ourselves.”

“We’ve seen two distinct markets clamoring for this type of service,” said Pliant CEO, Vess Bakalov. “First and foremost, there are lots of emerging SaaS companies that are currently handling their integration requirements by diverting resources away from where they should be focused – on improving their own products and services. It’s not a viable strategy. Then there are large companies with lots of existing integrations that are creating greater operational risks and driving up both direct costs and opportunity costs. As a result, companies large and small both want out of the integration business. Pliant iPaaS gives them a smart and graceful way to make their integration exit.”

In addition to Pliant’s vast library of existing pre-built integrations included with iPaaS, the company also offers a 15-day SLA for delivering any new integration a customer needs.
Available now, the Pliant iPaaS solution supports both cloud and on-premise deployment models. In addition, customers can purchase it as a standalone subscription or buy Pliant iPaaS in conjunction with other Pliant solutions. Pricing is based on the number of integrations a customer uses. Additional information about the Pliant iPaaS solution is available at

About Pliant

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