Enables the publishing of secure, productized APIs with maximum control and visibility

BOSTON, MA – April 11, 2022 – Pliant, a leading provider of advanced API integration, orchestration, and automation solutions, today announced the Pliant API Gateway. This release is the latest in a series of products from Pliant that help companies move to modern solutions for API management. The API Gateway enables companies to build and publish API endpoints, while the Pliant platform handles all underlying management and technical complexities. These include versioning, authentication, usage rules, access rights, reporting, API abstraction, and more.
CEO Vess Bakalov explains, “Companies embracing the widespread use of APIs are growing at a much higher rate than those that don’t – a fact validated by many third-party studies and analysts. I recently saw a study conducted by top business folks at Chapman, Stanford, and Boston University stating companies that adopted externally facing APIs grew an additional 38% more than peer companies that did not. So API adoption has sustained, data-backed business benefits, and with our API Gateway, we’ll help organizations gain even greater benefits. They will be able to limit users to only specific functions within a broader API. They’ll be able to make changes to APIs without impacting endpoints that use them. They’ll be able to apply rules around API usage and gain insights on performance, consumption, and compliance. Combined, these things will enable organizations to provide APIs ‘as-a-service’ across their enterprise.”
The Pliant API Gateway is built squarely upon the foundation of the Pliant platform and pulls together several of its core functions.
Bakalov elaborates, “Pliant is an API integration, orchestration, and automation solution at its core. So, many of the things accomplished by the API Gateway are derived from native platform capabilities and the ways we already support DevOps and continuous deployment. We added an improved user interface, value-added features and formalized our training and support around the API Gateway product. So, this ‘new’ product can also be considered an advanced set of capabilities customers have leveraged within the Pliant platform since its inception.”
Available now, the Pliant API Gateway supports private and public cloud deployments as well as on-premise deployment models. More information is available at: https://pliant.io/api-gateway.

About Pliant

Headquartered in Boston, Pliant provides advanced API integration, orchestration, and automation solutions to enterprises, managed service providers, and government agencies worldwide. Pliant’s solutions simplify and streamline how operations and engineering teams build, deploy, and unify automation within their environments. Using a low-code approach and transforming API code into deployment-ready action blocks, Pliant facilitates, integrates, and secures communication up and down the technology stack between platforms, services, and applications. For more information on the company and its solutions, go to www.pliant.io.