Life Sciences Managed Services Provider


Boston, MA


This Pliant customer provides managed services to growth-stage Life Sciences customers. The company, 65-strong, is itself in growth mode and expects to hire an additional 5-10 employees by year-end. Unlike traditional MSPs, they take a vendor-agnostic approach to the services they manage, meaning they don’t force standardization. The company is proud of their ability to flexibly meet the demands of each customer.

The Challenge

The flexible approach they take is a differentiator for the MSP. But a challenge that rose from not forcing standardization was that with each new customer, adding vendors was a manual, time-consuming process. One of the most detailed and labor-intensive services they managed was onboarding new (and offboarding former) managed customer employees. The various tools, portals, licenses, and electronic paperwork required, coupled with the ever-increasing number of employees they needed to credential and process, translated to scale issues as business increased.

In the industry the company serves, growth is exponential. One of their portfolio accounts was growing at 100% each year, translating to 150 new hires in a six month period. Onboarding each new hire required multiple hours of manual work, configuring systems such as Office 365, Zoom, Active Directory, and more. In many instances, onboarding required the use of the PowerShell task and automation framework, which itself requires special knowledge of command-line and associated scripting language.

The Solution

In seeking to truly automate employee onboarding, They looked for a solution that was simple, streamlined, and, because of their vendor-agnostic principles, capable of connecting to any vendor technology via API to get the job done.

They found such a solution in Pliant.

Pliant’s low-code platform allows “doers” to plan, develop, and deploy automation at the API level in minutes. Pliant provides infinite restful endpoints, graphical representations and uniform building blocks that result in consistent workflow automation — ensuring faster, more consistent, error-free onboarding and offboarding.

Pliant’s pre-configured workflows for employee onboarding/offboarding optimize human capital, create a streamlined employee experience, and ensure proper security standards and protocols are adhered to upon provisioning. Pliant’s 15-day vendor API SLA was icing on the cake for the company, meaning they could automate any technology their customers wanted to use within their managed environments.

“When we first started looking at vendors, Pliant immediately stood out as unique,” said Vice President and General Manager. “All of the engineers in the room were like ‘Oh that — we need that.’”

Results to Date

This Pliant customer is just getting started, but they’re already seeing results. The business estimates onboarding has gone from several hours on average down to five minutes per new hire. One of the project’s they will be tackling in the coming months involves onboarding 150 new hires in the next six months. Where previously, this would have taken them over 300 hours to manually configure them all, they expect it will take just over twelve with Pliant.

  • That’s the equivalent of a driving seven and a half week’s down to a day and a half — a 96% decrease in worker hours.

“Pliant has been great to work with. There are so few companies that I have bumped into that make me say ‘okay, these people get it, I’m excited, I want to work with them.’”

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