Developers are creative. They love working with new technologies and innovating to build cool new things. That’s why SaaS companies are so attractive to them. SaaS businesses carry less technology baggage, so they can move faster, operate more flexibly, and seize new opportunities as they come up.

In short, they provide the fast-paced, challenging, and exciting type of work environment that motivates developers.

When SaaS companies gain market traction, however, their customers and prospects ask for (read: demand) that the SaaS solution be integrated with more and more popular vendor solutions. To close deals, customers are promised these integrations, so someone in the SaaS company needs to create them (and update, test and manage them).

That someone is a developer, a developer who’s not happy about getting pulled off the company’s primary development efforts on its centerpiece services. Maybe they lost the coin toss, or drew the short straw, but however it happened, they got the less-than-plum assignment…and they’re less than thrilled about it.

There are innumerable API integrations already in production, and there’s ever-increasing demand for these critical links between applications, services and platforms. That means more and more developers in these companies aren’t going to be on the SaaS rocket ship they imagined. Instead, they’ll be on the slow API bus with stops at boredom, frustration, and career stagnation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s because the recently announced Pliant Embedded iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) gives SaaS companies a smarter, more cost-effective, and more developer-friendly way to meet their API integration requirements.

Pliant Embedded iPaaS provides developers with instant access to pre-built integrations for hundreds of popular vendor solutions. With this long and broad roster of pre-built, ready-to-deploy integrations, SaaS developers can create the integrations they need in minutes – not hours or days.

Plus, the vendor solutions represented in our automation bub cover not only IT functions, but the full technology stack – for things like CRM and marketing automation systems. And to make our hundreds of pre-built integrations even easier to use, Embedded iPaaS comes with a powerful, flexible, and fast workflow engine. That combination enables customers to quickly customize each integration for their particular use case. And while it’s ideal for SaaS companies and their developers, any organization large or small can tap into the power of Pliant Embedded iPaaS.

Pliant Embedded iPaaS offers SaaS companies a great way to deal with their growing API integration needs, while also avoiding developer burnout. For more info, go to