Monitoring dashboards let organizations peer into the intricacies of all of their systems enterprise-wide on a single pane of glass. But when infrastructure issues occur– what more can your systems do than simply report their status? Pliant’s robust workflow automation platform, combined with Datadog’s industry-leading cloud monitoring platform, allows customers to easily pinpoint and respond to network and infrastructure anomalies in real-time.

Pliant’s low code, drag, and drop approach allows “citizen developers” to quickly build workflows to provide automated responses to issues detected by Datadog. For every workflow created Pliant provides a RESTful endpoint from which executions can be remotely triggered. Leveraging Datadog webhooks, any Pliant workflow can be set to trigger securely from Datadog.

Customers can pass their detailed Datadog telemetry into Pliant via the RESTful endpoint upon notification from Datadog. Pliant then takes this telemetry data to create intelligent, automated incident response acting on any system enterprise-wide.

Pliant’s library of integrations allows organizations to craft their entire incident response, from start to finish, from a single platform. Instead of manually checking systems to gain insight on issues, followed by applying fixes, Pliant closes the automation loop–Datadog finds issues in your systems, and Pliant workflows will fix them.

“I grew up in the network and infrastructure space and it has been remarkable to see the success Datadog has had over the last 5+ years. They have a robust suite of products and we are thrilled to have a joint-solution where we can deliver end-to-end incident response solutions to our mutual customers. We are just scratching the surface and the possibilities seem endless with this partnership,” says Vess Bakalov, CEO of Pliant.

“Pliant’s low-code automation platform eliminates 90+% of the code required to write automation against mission-critical infrastructure. Pliant’s platform complements the Datadog suite of products well, and our customers will now be able to develop and deploy runbook automation in minutes, which will allow them to respond to alerts triggered in real-time,” says Dhruv Sahni, Product Manager at Datadog.

Some of the Key Features / Benefits of this Solution

Features Benefits
Use Datadog to trigger robust automation, and automatically resolve infrastructure issues using Pliant workflows. Limit outage time and their associated costs by allowing your remediation to trigger automatically.
Orchestrate an enterprise-wide response on disparate systems from a user-friendly platform, and enable closed-loop automation. Remove time spent on firefighting incidents in the future–set your remediation actions once and trigger when needed.
Keep teams and systems on the same page–seamlessly synchronize ITSM, incident management, and slack channels with real-time automated response progress and outcome. Obtain the maximum ROI on your other systems by using them for their intended purpose with de-duplicated, live data from Pliant.
Aggregates your Pliant execution logs alongside your other systems logs to gain insight into all of your executions. Easily pinpoint specific code changes, config updates, or jobs from a single pane of glass and eliminate extensive searching.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and you sharing additional use cases you have solved with our joint-solution!