Internet Service Provider

Wilmington, DE

Customer Description

WhyFly is committed to making the Internet simple, affordable, and accessible, for everyone to connect across both their own network and city-wide network. WhyFly’s vision is to lead the market with services that harness the Awesomeness of the Internet while providing Local Human Customer Service.

Success Summary

Pliant provides a low code automation solution that streamlines the customer onboarding process and automates the configuration of WhyFly devices to speed time to installation.

The Challenge

WhyFly was experiencing rapid growth and expanding into 20 new markets. WhyFly had many disparate systems and manual processes that would have made it difficult to support this growth while also delivering the customer-centric, low-cost delivery model that contributed to their early successes as an ISP.

According to Nick Sabean, WhyFly’s CMO/CRO, there are not many technologies or software providers that could help them integrate all of their systems that serve their current market of over 2,000+ households and 100+ businesses and expand that into more markets in a streamlined way. WhyFly prides itself on high-touch customer experience and Pliant’s easy-to-use automation was able to bring all customer data into a single pane of glass, improving their customer experience while simplifying and speeding up the onboarding processes. As WhyFly expands its business, Pliant’s automation will allow them to continue to offer this high-touch model with automated email messaging for tips on how to use technology, deals that might be offered, or new services such as building automation and security.

The Solution

Pliant’s low-code automation platform allowed WhyFly to pull data from platforms like Hubspot, Stripe, and Ubiquiti to streamline the auto-approval and billing process for new/existing customers.

API integration is at the cornerstone of how Pliant makes this possible. With Integrations for both business applications like HubSpot, GSuite, and Microsoft 365 / Teams and for infrastructure manufacturers like Ubiquiti, Cisco, Palo Alto, and about 70 other vendors, Pliant’s low code solution made it possible to automate processes in days, not weeks or months.

  • A new automated Pliant workflow for the previously manual onboarding process saved the cost of 1 FTE for WhyFly.
  • Overall, Pliant saved more than 20 hours per week by automating emails for late payments, shut-off notifications, and generating a report for management that highlights all customers that were late or shut-off the day before.

“Pliant automation lets our representatives spend more time focused on obtaining and assisting customers rather than spending time on updating information in the multiple systems that are needed to run a business like WhyFly,” explained Nick Sabean, WhyFly’s CMO/CRO.

“Customer focus has always been a differentiator for WhyFly and Pliant automation allows us to maintain that focus as we rapidly grow our customer base.”

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