SOLARWINDS Integrations

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Seamlessly integrate Solarwinds with your tech stack

Do more with Solarwinds than ever before. Use the power of orchestration to integrate, automate, and connect your business without the need for manual coding or custom tools.

Share data from Solarwinds across platforms

Access Solarwinds’ full potential and make the most of its basic functions.

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Expand on Solarwinds’ native features to:

Extract, Transform, and load data directly to/from/between solar winds and other systems

Add / remove devices when VM’s are created and need to be monitored

Automate alerts: gather health information, reconfigure devices into compliance, and more


With a growing library of 1M+ low-code drag-and-drop actions, if you can imagine it, you can build it.


Popular integrations with Solarwinds:

Solarwinds and ServiceNow integration

Solarwinds and SCCM integration


Solarwinds and Zendesk integration

Solarwinds and Jira integration

And many more…

Solarwinds and Netbrain integration

Solarwinds and Opsgenie integration

Solarwinds and Pagerduty integration

Solarwinds and Azure integration

Solarwinds and Meraki integration

Solarwinds and MSP integration

Solarwinds and CMDB integration

Solarwinds and Sharepoint integration

Solarwinds and Slack integration

Solarwinds and Splunk integration

Solarwinds and Microsoft Teams integration

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