Pliant and F5: Orchestrating the Digital Enterprise

Pliant provides a solution for F5 customers to orchestrate their journey to the cloud, security modernization, and digital transformation. By aggregating the functions of dozens of siloed processes and tools into one unified orchestration platform, F5 customers can accelerate modernization, satisfying hands-on teams tasked with automating, integrating, and connecting the enterprise, as well as executives pursuing cross-enterprise simplicity, agility, and control.

Pliant and F5: Driving Value Together

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Pliant and F5 Accelerating Transformation for Your Business

Pliant’s modern, low-code approach empowers both highly technical and non-technical users to accelerate their business in a single, secure, platform that:

Eliminates the barriers between units and teams by providing API-driven cross-technology, cross-domain orchestration

Significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to accelerate traditionally manual tasks

Reduces or eliminates the need for multiple tools and protocols to build workflows, processes, and actions

Accelerates innovation and improves team performance and productivity while integrating security and governance

Pliant and F5: How It Works

The Pliant and F5 integration allows businesses to orchestrate multiple F5 products—including the BIG-IP product lines via iControl and AS3, and the NGNIX product line. Pliant users can replace manual configuration and lines of code with over one million Pliant drag-and-drop workflows powered by 500K+ API endpoints, including those specifically designed for F5 solutions. Pliant’s 15-day integration SLA provides full coverage of the F5 portfolio and beyond.

Organizations all over use Pliant to offload repeatable tasks and focus on meaningful work

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