Server Auditing and Remediation Automation

Auditing Windows and Linux Servers is critical for ensuring compliance with the latest regulations. Internal IT security and audit teams demand that all servers are checked on a regular basis to ensure that the Windows and Linux environment is currently adhering to all internal and external regulations. The fast-paced change of business requirements coupled with audit requirements is putting an additional workload on already overworked personnel.

Continuous Compliance Made Effortless.

As the world continues to move workloads to the cloud, so too does the risk of businesses having a server out of compliance. Having the capability to set up regular, automated compliance checks of all servers–both on-premise and in the cloud–is a necessity. Pliant can natively audit the server configurations and remediate the issues based on a set of rules when required.

Supporting Technologies

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Server Compliance Automation with Pliant

While patching servers, compliance settings like log retention length and file size were being reset by Microsoft back to their default values, putting the customer in violation of their infosec rules.

Customers would find these settings during audits and get penalized for non-compliance. Pliant wrote a set of workflows in PowerShell that audited the servers for key settings and remediated them to the infosec preferred settings if found to be non-compliant. This automated process saved the customer more than 100 man-hours per month of checking and changing settings after each patch.

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