Executive Corner

How much money will I save by using Pliant?

Pliant reduces the number of human-hours developers spend on writing, testing, and rewriting code to automate simple functions at the API level.

If it takes your IT organization more than a week to automate a simple task, Pliant can save you money. Pliant automation also helps IT regain time that developers can use to focus on accomplishing higher-value tasks for the business.

How does Pliant make IT more efficient?

Pliant’s low-code approach enables the “citizen developer” to write consistent and uniform automation in a highly secure and scalable way. In this way, people are able to learn it once and move on, enabling skilled IT developers to focus their time and energy on high-value business projects.

What is the ROI?

Pliant reduces the amount of code required to automate your infrastructure by 90% — allowing your IT team to work on initiatives that bring new offerings to market more quickly.

  • Scale the business without scaling staff
  • Empower citizen developers to automate critical infrastructure
  • Eliminate rote behaviors, leverage benefits of top talent

How does Pliant improve my security posture?

The Pliant platform is architected from the ground-up with security in mind, allowing your IT team to create workflows to automate the remediation of critical security flaws and perpetually keep infrastructure within compliance guidelines. Using modern encryption (AES-256), role-based access control, authentication keys, LDAP, HTTPS, to name a few we ensure you have a consistent, uniform, automation that is highly available, secure, and governed.

How fast can Pliant be up and running in the organization?

If your IT team is familiar with automation and business logic, we can have your team trained and delivering value within two short days. Once they learn Pliant, they can build automation workflows in minutes, which traditionally would take days or weeks. Learn Pliant once, and move on, the way automation should be!

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