Automate in Minutes with Curated Workflows

Implement robust IT automation from day one with prebuilt, turn-key workflows

Pliant’s repository of pre-configured automation workflows allows organizations to quickly automate their IT infrastructure in minutes – not hours or days.

Immediately realize the value of automation on premise or in the cloud, across all infrastructure componenets such as routers, switches, servers and firewalls.

Technology/Vendor Workflow Name Workflow Description
AWS Create_VM_and_Install_Web_Server_and_Content Turn up a fully functional web server in AWS with DNS entry in NS1.
Azure Create_VM_and_Install_A_Web_Server_And_Content Turn up a fully functional web server in AWS with DNS entry in NS1.
Certificate Mangement Check_SSL_Cert_Expiration Uses OpenSSL tools to read the valid dates for an SSL cert on a website.
Certificate Mangement csr_to_MS_ca_signed_cert Takes a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and submits it to a Microsoft Windows Active Directory Certificate
Authority (CA). Returns the signed certificate.
Cisco Routers List_NTP_Servers_Configured List NTP Servers.
Cisco Routers NTP_Good_Bad Report on latency for NTP servers configured on the router.
Cisco Routers Change_SNMP_Settings_on_router SNMP updated strings for a Cisco Router.
Cisco Routers Traceroute Perform tracerout from a router to a destination specified.
Excel & F5/Arista/Cisco IOS Excel_DNS_NTP Read in an excel spreadsheet of IPs and populate those devices with the associated NTP & DNS records.
F5 Big-IP F5_Crypto_GetCSR Get a Certificate Signing Request from an F5 Load balancer.
F5 Big-IP F5_Crypto_STH_NewClientSSLProfile Create an SSL Profile on an F5 load balancer.
F5 Big-IP F5_Crypto_NewKey Create a new private key on an F5 load balancer.
F5 Big-IP F5_Crypto_NewCSR Create a new CSR on an F5 load balancer and retrieve the CSR text.
F5 Big-IP F5_Crypto_STH_PushCert Upload an SSL certificate to an F5 load balancer.
F5 Big-IP F5_Crypto_Get_Cert_Expirations Get a list of certificates and their expirations from an F5 load balancer.
F5 Big-IP F5_Crypto_Get_Cert_Expiring_Soon Get a list of certificates from an F5, email the list of certificates that will expire in N days and email the
HTTP Web_Automation Automate actions taken on web pages, retrieve data from web pages, and interface with forms as
Multi-Cloud::Azure/GCP/AWS GCP_VM Create and run a new VM in each of the 3 cloud providers and return to the output the IP and SSH key for each.
NS1 Create_Update_Zone_Record_Information Create and update zone information in NS1.
OpenStack OpenStack_List_Flavors List the available compute instance flavors in Openstack.
OpenStack OpenStack_List_Images List the available Glance images in Openstack.
OpenStack OpenStack_List_Compute_Resources List the hosts, instances, and IPs currently configured in OpenStack.
OpenStack OpenStack_List_Networks List the networks in OpenStack.
OpenStack Make_OpenStack_Instance_From_Template Create an instance in OpenStack based on an image.
Pliant Platform Email_Block_Example Email automation example workflow.
Pliant Platform Export_Pliant_Flows Uses the Pliant API to back up all workflows on a Pliant instance and SFTP the file to a safe location.
Pliant Platform Pliant_Full_State_Backup Uses SSH and SFTP to back up the state of a Pliant box.
Pliant Platform Schedule_A_Pliant_Job Schedules a Workflow to execute at a given date and time.
Pliant Platform Request_License Requests a Pliant license, sends approval request via Slack.
Powershell Logging_and_Monitoring Checks various log retention settings.
Powershell Event_Log_Mangement Automates Powershell event log managment.
Powershell Secure_Event_Log_Viewing Automates Powershell event log managment.
Powershell Disable_Caching_of_Logon_Credentials Powrshell security policy action.
Powershell Logon_and_Logoff_Security_Settings Powrshell security policy action.
Powershell Logging_Off_and_Workstations_Lock_Settings Powrshell security action.
ServiceNow List_all_devices_by_name List all assets by their name in ServiceNow.
ServiceNow Get_Inventory_All Get all assets in cmdb_ci.
ServiceNow Get_Inventory_Name_by_Valid_IP Get all assets in cmdb_ci that have valid IP addresses.
ServiceNow Show_Devices_without_serial_numbers Show all assets in cmdb_ci that do not have serial numbers.
ServiceNow Update_Asset_info Update things such as asset or serial number in cmdb_ci.
SevOne Get_Flow_Interfaces List all interface providing NetFlow data.
SevOne Get_All_Devices_Name_and_IP List name and IP address for all devices.
SevOne Set_Device_Polling_Rate Change the polling rate of a device or devices.
SevOne Compare_Inventory_With_ServiceNow Show difference between what is in SevOne and what is in ServiceNow.
SevOne Sync_Alerts Create and update alerts from SevOne in ServiceNow.
Unix Path_Statistics Execute a traceroute command from a host, assign each hop IP address to a variable, then from the host execute
a ping to each hop IP address along the path and print the statistics of the operations.
VMWare Master_Create_Virtual_Server Initiate the VM build workflow for either VMware or OpenStack.
VMWare VMWare_VM_On_Off Power cycle a VM.
VMWare Make_VMware_VM_From_Template_67 Create a VM in VMware based on a template in a content library.
VMWare Start_VM Start VM in vSphere.
VMWare Stop_VM Stop VM in vSphere.
VMWare Delete_VM Delete a VM in vSphere.
VMWare Create_VM_From_Template Build a VM in vSphere from a pre-existing or specified template.
VMWare VM_Full_Lifecycle Orchestrate a build, launch, start, stop, and delete of a virtual machine in a single flow by calling sub

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