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Hybrid Network Configuration

Automating Network Assurance with Pliant & ElastiFlow


A longstanding challenge for organizations is network assurance and responding to SIEM alerts in a timely manner. When critical events are detected, a delay in response can give an incident time to grow into a breach. Infrastructure automation empowers your team to build workflows to close that gap — taking actions that follow your predefined business [...]

Automating Network Assurance with Pliant & ElastiFlow2021-11-02T23:14:31-04:00

Cisco Router Automated Troubleshooting


Workflow automation demo where a router configuration change causes our NMS to generate an alert, which creates a ticket in ServiceNow with the cause of the outage. This is simple process automation that so many organizations struggle with.

Cisco Router Automated Troubleshooting2021-11-02T20:10:17-04:00

Pliant Automates NS1 and AWS


How Pliant Automates NS1 and AWS Pliant makes it possible to quickly develop and deploy IT automation in response to the changing demands of complex business processes.

Pliant Automates NS1 and AWS2021-11-02T20:18:08-04:00

NS1 Datasheet


Learn how Pliant and NS1 have worked together to drive incremental value for joint customers.

NS1 Datasheet2021-11-02T19:56:42-04:00